The idea about That Moment Photo started one night in our living room while we cooked one of the magic meals of Jesica. By then, Neilyn was in charge of Public Relations in a big hotel, Nicco and Jesi were working as managers in photoshops, after several talks the idea of creating a company of wedding photography was born. At the moment they saw it as something distant but not unattainable, " It would be great to do something we all three are passionate" Time passed, Niccolo became the main photographer of one of the biggest companies in the Riviera Maya and for a wonderful coincidence Neilyn worked for the same one leading the coordination, sales, public relations and general direction. Jesica meanwhile, was as responsible for photographers in various hotels in the zone. We were simultaneously enriching our knowledge and techniques perfecting each one of us in our fields. After three years of steady growth, we found the perfect moment to start our new company as we had visualized.


Today, we are happy to make our dream come true and to share our essence and creativity through which fill us, photography. We believe on speaking eyes, long hugs, tears and smiles filled of emotions.


We invite you to enjoy the view of photography from our world by being the protagonists.


That Moment Photo Team.