The people at the Iberostar Tukan put together a wonderful day for Gintare & Algirdas, the beach club was decorated in blue and white, very elegant and all the details of the day from the decor to the food were exceptional. The guests enjoyed everything the Hotel had to offer, the modern restaurant and bar area, the beautiful seaside ceremony, the wonderful dinner and dancing area and of course, the superb service they received from their highly trained and professional staff.


The Bride was glowing in her well-designed gown and barefooted but decorated feet and her bouquet was out of this world!

They got married facing Cozumel, an island governed by Itchel, the Mayan goddess of fertility who might have thrown her blessing on them.


If Carrie Bradshaw saw the Bride she would only be jealous! That special flower giving a perfect touch to her hair, delicacy, fine trousseau, and a lot of white and gold shining all around, she was simply marvelous!

The newlywed couple had a lot of fun trashing the dress and with the orange background made awesome and cool pictures to keep fantastic memories of this exceptional night.




shoes and bridal bouquet

happy bride with her dress

Bride gets her dress

Bride looks through the window

the bride and her foot accessory

the bride goes to the ceremony

ceremony with ocean view

happy bride smells her bouquet

the couple at the wedding

the couple at the wedding

Grooms say thanks

Grooms say thanks

the couple embracing at sunset

the couple have fun with your friends

the couple kissing

groom lifts the groom and laugh

couple embracing on a beautiful blue sky

couple looking at each other

couple looking at each other

the couple having fun on the beach

he couple run

couple kissing in the sunset

couple playing in the ocean

couple kissing in the ocean

couple kissing at sunset

the couple at sunset